Laurens and Rose stand together in the track and alternate with instructions. Rose focuses on posture, balance and action of the riders, because control over your horse begins with control over your own body. How you sit is how acts, so the improvements will be is already equal reflected in the movement of your horse. There is then (literally) nothing in the way to bring more balance to the horse with the instructions of Laurens, fine to get the aids and their technical demands further improve.

  • Date: September 13, 2019
  • Locatie: Selevia Hoeve, Werkendam
  • Vergoeding: 99,- euro
  • Inschrijven en info: clinicsgmel@outlook.com (Saskia Pilanen)

Also in 2019 we go through the famous clinic with Laurie Gordon. First the riders getting Roos clinic PBE(PBE= Position, Balance & Effect). Then ride the riders a lesson in Laurie, who thereby combines her technical riding knowledge with techniques of yoga. This includes attention to the breath, detect stress, visualization, etc. Meanwhile, the combination of LOGA and PBE has been a very valuable!

Date: July 2019 (exact dates to follow)
Location: region Essen (B)
Fee: 85, – Euro
Registration and information:  clinicsgmel@outlook.com (Saskia Pilanen)

This clinic is full. Would you like to be kept informed of the next clinic, please email gepaardmeteenlach@live.nl.

Unique workshop with ‘the best of both worlds from two different simulators! First, using the Advanced Wood Race Simulator (photos) measurements made with regard to your seat and your influence on the horse. 

Rose then involves using the simulator Joker started to gain improvements. Joker says more than 1000 words; Joker has no built-measuring equipment because you generate the proper movements and you have to keep in balance yourself get immediate feedback based on what you feel; you feel the same as “it” (you in this case) is good!

If the rider on Joker his old preference pattern has been exchanged for an improved functional sit and action, then the rider will be back again in the Race Wood simulator to bring the improvements are measurable in the picture, so the feeling and ‘reality’ are brought together .
Each rider will return home with homework in order to maintain the improvements themselves.

More information about the Race Wood simulator and location in Geel are displayed on

Date: Friday, July 12, 2019 (FULL!)
Location: Reitenhof eventing simulator Belgium in Geel (B)
Fee: 130, – Euro per person (including lunch and refreshments)
Registration: viagepaardmeteenlach@live.nl stating the name and telephone number

On Saturday, May 4th was the day so far!
We had previously 100 doubts. Because something is organized quite a bit.
It was thus the first edition it was not a full house yet.
But … .. What was nice, cozy and worth repeating !! Self nice chatted with ‘old’ friends, fun, interesting new people to know, and then here some more ‘loose’ on the dance floor. People who only came here to find each other, people who came together mingled with other groups, in short, exactly as we intended …

The date follows the 2nd edition … ..

Sitting on the only chestnut horse between all the white horses, and being the only blond coloured European girl between all the Chinese women, I just felt a little bit awkward. But at least this ‘Horsing with a smile’-moment resulted in this nice pictures…

After staying in China in April and May 2018 and again between early August and mid-September, I went back for 6 weeks for a third time in November 2018.

China is truly a different world, with both never-seen-before luxury and also its own challenges, s

The plan is to keep going back several times throughout 2019 and further future, to coach ‘my’ team and improve their skills together with my other Dutch colleagues. Leaving behind everything and everyone at home is definitely not easy, but my Chinese experiences are worth the sacrifice!

This picture was taken during a very special clinic: top dressage rider Laurens van Lieren and I presented our combi-clinic at the horse education centre of Akasha School for the Art of Equitation, owned by Anne Muller and her daughter Maaike de Jeu.
Akasha is where I was educated to become a Seat Coach. It was so nice to show how I developed myself since Anne, by that time assisted by Renée Meijerink, taught me the basics and the  essence of all my current activities (which was 10 years ago).

So nice even, that plans are already underway to integrate this combined clinic into Akasha’s new educational programme….

I also have the first weekend of November, at the last minute before I left for China, followed the training for Akasha Coaches.
Draven without driving, Welfare Under Spell, the practical application of the 10 ISES Principles (yes, as just mentioned the same ISES) …
In the classroom, on the Joker and horseback, everything we have done under the direction of Anne Muller and dynamic group coaches.
Learned a lot but mostly a lot of inspiration! This weekend will still get a large tail …

On 24 September 2018, I went a little further away from home for some extra education at the Practical Day of the ISES Conference in Rome. ISES stands for International Society for Equitation Science.

The whole day was filled with a programme of interesting speakers on various subjects. How to deal with horses that are scared of being touched? How to keep horses healthy on long travels? There also were instructions on fire evacuation plans and a wonderful demo of jumping fences without a bridle, out on a huge field! We returned home all the wiser!

I also spent the first weekend of November, right before leaving for China, on the retraining for Akasha Coaches.

The main topics: Riding without repetitive (leg) aids, Wellbeing of Workhorses, and the practical performance of the ten ISES principles (the ISES just mentioned above). In the classroom, on the Joker simulator and on horseback: everything we did with our eager group of coaches was guided by Anne Muller.
I went home with lots of extra knowledge and even more new inspiration! This weekend will surely lead to big things….