ISES conference

On 24 September 2018, I went a little further away from home for some extra education at the Practical Day of the ISES Conference in Rome. ISES stands for International Society for Equitation Science.

The whole day was filled with a programme of interesting speakers on various subjects. How to deal with horses that are scared of being touched? How to keep horses healthy on long travels? There also were instructions on fire evacuation plans and a wonderful demo of jumping fences without a bridle, out on a huge field! We returned home all the wiser!

I also spent the first weekend of November, right before leaving for China, on the retraining for Akasha Coaches.

The main topics: Riding without repetitive (leg) aids, Wellbeing of Workhorses, and the practical performance of the ten ISES principles (the ISES just mentioned above). In the classroom, on the Joker simulator and on horseback: everything we did with our eager group of coaches was guided by Anne Muller.
I went home with lots of extra knowledge and even more new inspiration! This weekend will surely lead to big things….

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