July 2017: Horsing With a Smile starts sponsored partnership with 2 riders

My specific aim of these partnerships is to show that even skilled riders competing at high levels can still benefit from extra focus on ‘position, balance, effect on the horse, and body control’.

One of the riders is Imke Lodewijk

Nice to note: when I was Imke’s age, I once approached her parents and asked: ‘I want to work with horses when I’ m older. Can you help me with that?’ Now I hope to return the favour by supporting their daughter Imke in her horse riding career through this pleasant coöperation.

The second sponsored rider is… Laurens van Lieren!

To anyone familiar with the world of horses, Laurens won’t need any introduction. And needless to say, I am very happy with this coöperation.

Since I’ve coached Laurens on his posture and seat, he has been training fanatically to improve himself. He says he can clearly notice the improvements in his horses since he’s been developing his seat, which explains his enthusiasm.

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