Workshop Rider Movement in balance

Would you like to be kept informed about the next edition of this clinic, please email info@gepaardmeteenlach.nl.

Unique workshop with ‘the best of both worlds’ from two different simulators! First, using the Advanced Wood Race Simulator (photos), measurements are made of your seat and your influence on the horse. 

Rose then uses the simulator Joker to gain improvements. Joker says more than 1000 words; Joker has no measuring equipment. You generate the proper movements yourself and you have to keep yourself balanced. Therefore you get immediate feedback based on what you feel; if you can make Joker move easily, you are a good passenger for your horse. 

When Joker helped the rider exchange his old preference pattern for an improved functional seat and balance, then the rider will go back again on the Race Wood simulator.
Now the improvements are measurable, so the feeling and ‘reality’ are brought together .
Each rider will return home with homework in order to maintain the improvements.

More information about the Race Wood simulator and location in Geel are displayed on

Date: to be scheduled.
Location: Reitenhof eventing simulator Belgium in Geel (B)
Fee: 149 euro per person (including lunch and refreshments)
Registration: via info@gepaardmeteenlach.nl stating the name and telephone number.

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