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Joker trainer course march 2023

Together with my colleague Barbara Faber we developped a course specially for trainers who want to learn or improve their skills of teaching with Joker. After following this course, you will make the most out of Joker! 
Also people who don’t have (or planning to buy) a Joker, but want to learn more about the biomechanics of the influence of the riders seat on the horse are welcome to attend this course. 

In january 2023 we will do the second edition of this course. This one is already fullbooked. 
In march we will plan the third edition in the region of Roosendaal (NL) / Essen (BE).
If you live to far away there is a possibility of joining the course online
Please contact us for more information. 

For more information about our future clinic schedule, please look at our Dutch website (‘Agenda’) or contact us.

Would you like to organise a clinic at your own location? We would love to make it happen! Please contact us through (0031) 61356 7041 or by email on info@gepaardmeteenlach.nl!