Clinic Body Control and Balance in coöperation with Laurens van Lieren

Top dressage rider Laurens van Lieren and Rose stand together in the arena and alternate with instructions. Rose focuses on posture, balance and action of the riders, because control over your horse begins with control over your own body. How you sit is how your horse moves, so the improvements will be reflected in the […]

Dressage Clinic Rose Dyson and Frenk Jespers

Date: to be scheduled  Location: Dressage stable Jespers in TeteringenFee: 115 euro per person Registration:  ilsejespers@eigenpaard.nl info: www.verenigingeigenpaard.nl /evenement/combiclinic-roos-dyson-en-frenk-jespers/

Clinic in harmony with your horse ‘in collaboration with Laurie LOGA

Also in 2023 we continue our clinics together with Laurie Gordon. In these clinics, the riders get a combination of Roos’ PBB (PBB= Position, Balance & Biomechanics) and Laurie, who combines her technical riding knowledge with techniques of yoga. This includes breathing techniques, detect and release tension, visualization, etc. Meanwhile, the combination of LOGA and […]

Workshop Rider Movement in balance

Would you like to be kept informed about the next edition of this clinic, please email info@gepaardmeteenlach.nl. Unique workshop with ‘the best of both worlds’ from two different simulators! First, using the Advanced Wood Race Simulator (photos), measurements are made of your seat and your influence on the horse.  Rose then uses the simulator Joker […]