Columns in ‘De Paardenkrant’ (2007-2008)

Columns in Dutch national equine newspaper ‘De Paardenkrant’ (2007-2008) In 2007 and 2008 my columns were published in the Dutch national equine newspaper ‘De Paardenkrant’. Later these columns are also published in my book ‘Gepaard met een lach’.

Bit magazine; riding a race horse (2006)

Bit had een oproep gedaan dat ze dressuurruiters zochten die eens een training van een renpaard wilden ervaren. Ik was een van de gelukkigen die geselecteerd waren. Het artikel in Bit magazine geeft een beschrijving van de training.

The basics of the basics – items for Dressage Pro

‘The basics of the basics’ – Article published on Dressage Pro (in Dutch) Two articles by Rose Dyson and Maartje Auceps, on the rider’s seat as the cause of technical riding problems (Rose) and on physical straining (causing injuries) of the horse (Maartje). In January 2017 they were published on Dressage Pro’s Facebook page. Basis […]

Interview: Winner Horses Product of 2014

In 2014, the ‘Gepaard met een Lach’ PBB trainings and Rider Fitness were chosen as winners in their categories in the Horses Product of the Year election. Here you can read the description and the interview: Categorie WINNAAR ‘Horses Product van het jaar’ (in Dutch)

Dual interview for Eventing Etten-Leur

For this article, Rose Dyson and international eventing rider Ilonka Kluytmans interviewed each other – in the special edition newspaper of Eventing Etten-Leur April 2017 : Article and interview Rose Dyson with Ilonka Kluytmans (in Dutch)

Articles for ‘Dressage Magazine’ and Dressuur.nl (in Dutch)

Late 2107, I was unexpectedly called by an editor of ‘Dressage Magazine’ who asked if I wanted to coöperate on an article about chair seat. Chair seat is a term for a certain position in which the rider can no longer follow the movements of the horse. I agreed and the conversation also lead to […]

Interview for Balans Hippique

On the morning of the try-out for Balans Hippique (March 2018), horse journalist Bert van Wanrooij was there as one of the team members. He was the speaker for the event and we suddenly ended up in an interview that morning. With his writing talents, he wrote a nice introduction of me and the other […]