Prix St. Georges

1 April 2018: Prix St. Georges premier with Variety No April Fool’s joke here: after competing on my horse Romy at Prix St. Georges level, on this date I also reached this level with my other horse, Variety. Unfortunately, due to a few costly mistakes (because of some ‘very scary’ things on the short side..), […]

July 2017: Horsing With a Smile starts sponsored partnership with 2 riders

My specific aim of these partnerships is to show that even skilled riders competing at high levels can still benefit from extra focus on ‘position, balance, effect on the horse, and body control’. One of the riders is Imke Lodewijk Nice to note: when I was Imke’s age, I once approached her parents and asked: […]

Second edition of the simulator Joker

My horse simulator Joker, one of the very first models, was replaced by a new and further developed version in November 2017. In October 2017, international Dutch eventing rider Kristy Snepvangers did the 3-lesson course ‘Position, Balance and Effect’ of the rider’s seat. She made a nice YouTube video that you can watch here. (Unfortunately […]

New partnership

Early 2018, ‘Horsing with a smile’ started a nice partnership with the Dutch association for horse owners and YouTube channel Heart for Horses. We are going to make (YouTube) videos together in which Rose shares her knowledge about rider’s seat and balance. https://gepaardmeteenlach.nl/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/de-tuinslang-app-1.mp4

24 March 2018 : BALANS HIPPIQUE – Exloo

During Balans Hippique, a Dutch horse event, I was part of the team that gave masterclass clinics on different aspects of health of riders and horses. My subject of course was (the importance of) improving seat and balance. It was a great experience to work with a team of enthusiastic experts and having so many […]

Rose going back to school

In 2019 Rose wil participate in the 10-day programme of the “Dressage Pro Trainersclub”. This education is specially for riding instructors teaching at Z-level (highest local dressage level) and former Dutch bondscoach Rien van der Schaft wil be the main teacher. Also other horse experts wil give classes on several different subjects. The education is […]