The rider’s body control is the central focus throughout the clinics. The goal: to become aware of the effects of your position and movement. The results: more harmony between horse and rider, which will give better (competition) results, less injuries or discomfort for horse and rider and.. (even) more satisfaction for riders ánd their horses !

You can join our clinics individually (see the agenda in the menu (on the right), or you can request a tailor-made clinic, customised to a target group and their specific needs.

Participants of a clinic get instructions on how to improve their position, balance and biomechanics on the horse (PBB). We usually work in groups of 2 combinations (rider + horse), in 75-minute lessons. Each lesson starts with an analysis, followed by some exercises on the ground to help the rider become more conscious and improve body control, posture and movement. These exercises are then put into practice on horseback.

For a more detailed explanation of the clinic lessons, click on ‘PBB Training’ in the top menu. The content  of the clinic lessons is more or less the same as the first lesson of the PBB course.

Observers of the clinics can listen to the lessons from the side of the arena through my sound system.

To sit good is to feel well

- Rose Dyson -

What can riders lean from a PBB clinic and who can participate?
Harmony between rider and horse is the key. The way to achieve this is different for each combination. I therefore closely observe what needs to be done for each unique combination. The exercises, both on and off the horse, provide the rider with specific instructions for further individual practise.

Wether you are a recreational beginner or a Grand Prix professional, riding dressage or practising another discipline; anyone can profit from these lessons.

A better seated rider always leads to spectacular improvements in the performance of the horse. This happens because having a good seat and posture, means having a good influence on the horse’s back and therefore on the horse’s balance and movements! 
For every rider, this clinic can mean the end of ‘horsing around’ and the start of ‘horsing with smile’.

The PBB clinics can be combined with other optional additions:


  • Horse simulator Joker*
  • Combined clinics; PBB combined with *, rein pressure measurement, osteopathic check for horse or saddle check.
  • PBB clinics with a specific theme (such as overcoming fear, or tailored to showjumping/eventing/other disciplines).
  • Workshop Fitness for Horse Riders.
  • Heart rate measurement of horse and rider
  • Balance training for horses with Balance pads.
  • Powerpoint presentation on (the importance of) proper position and seat.
  • Riding demonstration of the effect of seat on the horse

Some references:

“Just had a very insightful clinic at the National Dressage Championship. Thank you Rose for this opportunity! Incredible how much you can improve your horse just through improving your position! Truly recommended!
 #Horsing with a smile”

“A super instructive clinic on “body control and how to influence your horse” by #Rose Dyson and Laurens van Lieren! A lesson from two passionate people with one common goal: more harmony between horse and rider – and therefore big improvements in the horse’s movements. Thank you Rose and Laurens!”

Horses should be allowed to be horses. First of all that is what they are, and their star status as competitors is what they give us when they are allowed to be themselves.

– Carl Hester –

Horses should be allowed to be horses. First of all that is what they are, and their star status as competitors is what they give us when they are allowed to be themselves.

– Carl Hester –