Rose Dyson: “TWO happy athletes please!”

Horsing With a Smile is the company of horse expert Rose Dyson.

Rose Dyson is a certified and experienced professional riding instructor. She completed a 4-year fulltime education for rider/instructor and is now competing in dressage at “inter 2” level. Her specialty is teaching the correct riding position and balance, as a certified coach of the Akasha School for the Art of Equitation.
In 2022 she was elected as the ‘national Dutch riding instructor of the year’.

In her riding lessons and clinics, this focus on position and balance leads to more harmony between horse and rider. Her students are riders of all disciplines and levels.

The original Dutch name of her company is ‘Gepaard met een lach’:. Using the word ‘paard’ (which means horse) this is a wordplay on the double meaning of the word ‘gepaard’, which means ‘horsing’, but also means ‘together with’ … a smile!

Horsing With a Smile offers the following services:

  • Clinics on ‘Position, Balance and Biomechanics of the rider’s seat, all over the world
  • Course including 3 private lessons about ‘Position, Balance and Biomechanics of the rider’s seat
  • Private lessons (at your own location) from beginner through highest level, in West-Brabant and region of Essen (Belgium)
  • Physical screening for riders (including ultrasound scan), in coöperation with Axis Sports in Hoeven (Netherlands)
  • Training on a horse simulator (‘Joker’)
  • Rent service of the correct seat s(t)imulator Joker
  • Balance training for horses with the aid of Balance Pads
  • Heart rate measurement of horses
  • Rein pressure measurement
  • Collaborations with several horse sports experts

Trust is the best kind of control.

- Roos Dyson-