Physical training

The most important training gear cannot found in the store…

The most important tool, that’s you!

Congratulations! Now you are reading this, you’ve just set the first step towards becoming an (even) better rider. The fact that horse riding is truly a sport is often underestimated – even (or maybe mostly) by the riders themselves! We can’t just sit on a horse and expect him to do all the athletics for us. But yet your instructor and even dressage judges mostly focus on the horse’s movements with no concern for the rider’s influence.

Blaming the horse is often the first reaction when things go wrong. But do we ever question if we might cause the problem ourselves? After all, your position and seat have everything to do with your influence on the horse. That means your own body is your most important training tool! Sound’s logical, doesn’t it?

Why would you need extra training as a rider?

  • To solve and/or prevent physical discomforts related to horse riding.
  • To reduce strain: an improper seat and position is not only (over)straining the rider’s body, but the horse’s just as much.
  • To achieve an independent seat and balance: sitting still on a moving horse requires a dynamic balance!
  • Because a rider who can follow the movements of his horse and evenly divides his weight, enables the horse to perform better.
  • To gain insight and understanding in the training of your horse through the experience of training your own body.
  • To improve your stamina, so you will feel fitter and have more endurance.

Work on a horse and that horse gets better. Work on yourself and all your horses get better.

– auteur onbekend –

Since 2010, I’m working together with Axis Sports in Hoeven (Netherlands) on a fitness training programme dedicated to riders. Axis has a team of certified trainers and sports physiotherapists. Our services are not exclusively designed for ambitious competition riders. Recreational riders are also welcome, and can benefit just as much from a well-trained body.

We offer a programme of several physical examinations, using the results to compose a personalised training schedule. With this personal schedule, you can train at home, at your local gym, or at Axis.

Sports physical examination for riders


These examinations offer a full body screening to search for any weak spots or asymmetries. This allows you to focus on what your body needs specifically, with a recommended training to solve or prevent physical discomfort and improve your riding skills. Your horse(s) will thank you for this, because any physical imperfections often cause strain on the horse as well! If desired, you can repeat the examinations regularly and monitor your progress to adapt your training schedule accordingly.

Some practical details:

For whom?
The screening is for all riders who want to help their horse by becoming a (more) comfortable rider, reduce or prevent physical discomforts, and improve their (competition) skills. Instructors who want to learn how to teach a correct seat can benefit as well. From starters to Olympic riders, dressage, jumping, endurance, recreational riding or any other discipline, male or female, everyone is welcome! The minimum age is 10 years.


For riders with physical discomforts, we can add certain exercises that help reduce these specific issues (in consultation with a specialised physiotherapist). Most chronic physical complaints, after all, are caused by overstraining certain body parts through an improper posture.

At Axis Sports, Hertenlaan 4 in Hoeven, The Netherlands. More info (in Dutch) on Axis Sports.nl.


The total screening costs are € 149,-. For this amount, you will get :

  • Echo examination of dorsal (back) and abdominal (belly) muscles (Ilse Stuyts)
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Endurance test
  • Imprint of seat bone pressure with the use of an impression pad (Rose Dyson)
  • Short (riding) posture analysis and advice (Rose Dyson)
  • Individual exercise programme, based on the examinations above
  • One private lesson to become familiar with your exercises.

We recommend comfortable clean sports clothes (not too wide!), gym shoes (no outdoor shoes!) and optionally a small towel. It’s best to bring a jacket as well, because of the airconditioning in the training room.

Dressing rooms with lockers and shower are available at Axis.

One more detail….

We are not liable for any physical and/or material damage, and loss or theft of property before, during and after the trainings and screenings.

To apply, please send us an email to info@gepaardmeteenlach.nl with your name, address and phone number, plus your preferred date and time to arrange the screening, including a short description of your riding experience and your motivation of participation.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer you by mail or phone!

Better to ride your horse with a straight body 3 times a week than to have a bad posture 4 times a week…

– Roos Dyson –

A rider fitness workshop on-site?

A great activity for the horse riding club, a pony camp, or…

The workshop not only offers ground exercises to train the right muscles, but also teaches participants how to improve their horses with their body’s influence.

An experience to take home!
Feel free to call or email and we can discuss what’s possible!