Private lesson

my profession and my passion..

I was fifteen years old when I started teaching my first riding student. And now, after 25 years, I’m still passionate about my job as a horse riding instructor. Bringing that smile on peoples’ face by helping them develop their riding skills, making the lives of horses better by improving the coöperation between horses and their riders… Nothing gives me more satisfaction than this.


My hometown is Essen, near the Dutch-Belgian border close to the city of Roosendaal. From here I travel to my customers for private lessons at their stables.

As a dressage instructor, I also educated myself in many other additional aspects, such as:


  • Rider’s seat and balance – certified coach of Akasha School for the Art of Equitation
  • Horse anatomy and biomechanics
  • Rider anatomy & fitness training
  • Training young horses
  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Sports psychology
  • Preparation for competition / Improving your dressage test (competing at Prix St. Georges level myself)
  • Show jumping lessons (I have competed up to 1,10 meters myself)
  • Balance training for horses with Balance Pads
  • Heart Rate Measurement of horse and rider 
  • Coming soon: measurement of rein pressure

Training to discover what you’re capable of is much more fun than training to perform. But you never know which capacity to perform you might discover…

– Roos Dyson –
The following text is from the American coach, Amy Skinner, and according to Rose it is perfect the way it is up to the instructor as a profession and as a lifestyle too...