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Comments according to lessons and clinics given by Rose:

Last Sunday I participated in a PBB clinc in Lopik. I really loved the clinic and it gave me real eye-openers. My friend who also participated was also very enthusiast and by talking about it we made others interested to, so we would like to organise a PBB clinic at our stables soon.

Rose has al lot of passion for her profession and is a riding instructor from the heart. Her motivation is a 100 % and she is a real expert.

I was offered the chance to ride in a highly instructive clinic on the event of the Dutch National Championships. Thank you so much for this great opportunity! It is unbelievable what can happen when you change your seat. I really recommend Rose’s lessons !

In a positive and inspiring way and always with a smile, working on the basic elements of seat, posture, and the influence on of your seat on your horse. The results are surprisingly good !

I have participated in many of Rose’s clinics and as a result, I feel more skilled as a rider. Also Rose has relieved me from my riding-related back pain! No matter which horse I ride in the clinic, I learn a lot every time and I always get enough clear instructions to keep practising and improving myself at home.

Rose, thank you só much for the clinic ! I have learned a lot and one of my friend said to me after the lesson that it was a long time ago that she had seen a smile on my face that big… Thank you !

Évery rider should take a lesson from Rose. Many, many riders are not aware of their lack of balance, so Rose; keep up the good work; you’re clinics are very interesting and you are doing

Comments about the combined clinics of Rose and Laurens van Lieren:

This is where topsport and basics come together. And this is what makes this coöperation worth a million. Unfortunately, the importance of seat and balance and how this effects your horse is often underestimated by trainers of all levels. In these clinics horse and rider are being coached in a friendly and encouraging way, no matter if you are a pleasure rider or are competing at topsport level !

The coöperation between these two top experts is a perfect combination. They make the best of each horse and rider and find the right balance for each combination. In my opinion these clinic are just great !

A very good combination of instructions  to improve the rider as well the horse. Very clear instructions which you can easily bring into practice. 

I have learnt so much in this clinic! The lessons are given by two inspiring people who have one common goal: More harmony between horse and rider and therefore more beautifull movements of your horse. Thank you Rose and Laurens!!

” The combination of these two people makes an excellent workshop – it is an innovative approach that we need in the equestrian world! “

It is a wonderfull combination of seat and balance and top level dressage. They think ‘out of the box’ and even with small changes the improvements are huge! They also have a very good capability of adapting to each combination’s level and needs.  “

In these clinics inspiring advice is given, using different points of view but always giving priority to the wellbeing of the horses. In a professional way, the balance between fun and performance is always found.

Rose and Laurens show in their clinics that working on your seat and balance is not only usefull for beginners. It is almost unbelievable what those two people can achieve in only one hour of teaching, but I saw these changes happening for myself more than once…

As an assistent of Rose, I have seen many of these clinics and every time I witnessed the magic that happens when Rose and Laurens start teaching together…

An unique combination of a top dressage trainer and an expert on the basics of seat and balance. Roos is the best person I know for improving a rider’s seat and movements. A good seat makes the horse move better and will make the horse happier during the work. As an addition to this, Laurens helps the riders to give the aids correctly and improves the dressage skills. Therefore this combination is great !

Unique combination that helps riders to achieve a great coöperation with their horses

In the overwhelming market of clinics, lessons and educations from different horse experts, for me the clinics of Rose Dyson and Laurens van Lieren are without a doubt the very best.
Being an amateur dressage rider with back problems and a horse that easily gets tense and spooky, I often coped with problems related to submissiveness, rein connection and balance of my horse.
Rose and Laurens are very skilled to give clear, understandable instructions and the complementary effect of their combined instructions is just perfect. Therefore you are always satisfied when you finish your lesson and they give you enough confidence to look forward tot he coming trainings and competitions in a positive way. You always now clearly what to practise after your lesson and the comments are always given in an  inspiring way.
After several clinics my seat has improved that much that I can now deal with the tension of my horse much better, which effects the use of it’s back in a positive way, and this makes the sitting and riding much more comfortable for me as a rider. I am looking forward to participating in their next clinic!

Topsport is not possible without good basic skills. Rose has a good eye for every detail of the riders seat and Laurens focusses on the horse, and the timing between those two is great. The keywords are wellbeing for horse and rider and harmony between horse and rider.

Wellbeing from the basic level up to the top level, focussing on horse and rider as a team, balance in movement, always looking for the best version of the horse-rider combination. Facilitated by an excellent coöperation of professional horse experts. ” “Chapeau! “