Roos Dyson

“Welcome to my website! My name is Rose Dyson. (In Dutch spelled as ‘Roos’.) I was born in 1979 and in 2009 I started my company Horsing With a Smile.

I discovered my love for horse riding when I was eight years old at the local riding stables. At fourteen years of age, I had my first pony. My parents were no horse owners themselves, but after finishing my secondary school at VWO level, they allowed me to go to the Dutch Equestrian Academy in Deurne. During and after my four-year Equestrian Sports education (2001), I worked as a professional groom, instructor, and rider of (young) horses. I have also worked at the office of a horse veterinarian specialized in radiology.

I have ridden many horses in competitions throughout the years. It started with showjumping (up to 1,10 meters – L-level) on several young horses, but in recent years I’ve been active in dressage.
I have educated my horse Romy (from Jazz) from starting her under saddle from the very beginning up to Prix St. Georges level. No she is retired from the sport. Currently I’m competing at Prix St. Georges level with my other horse Variety (from Rubiquil). My ambition with her is to reach the Grand Prix level. And in november 2020 I bought my third horse Mickey (from Fürstenball). My goal is to use my knowledge and experience which I got from my other two horses to give Mickey the best possible education to become a nice dressage horse. And I’m very curious where this education will end…

In February 2010, I completed my second equestrian education, at the Akasha School for the Art of Equitation. This new programme is designed especially for professional riding instructors. It is focused on the anatomy of both rider and horse, with teaching skills aimed at improving the movements, position and balance of riding students. As a rider and a riding instructor I enjoy the benefits of this education every day, and so do my students.

So indeed, my whole life is – and always has been – all about horses and riding.

How and why I got this lifetime fascination from such a young age? I wish I could explain! All I can say is that dedicating myself to my love for horses and horse riding is what gives meaning to my life. It is simply the most beautiful ‘job’, and way of life, I can think of.

Mutual respect is what I value most, both in dealing with horses and people. I always try to work as responsibly as I can, and take every opportunity to learn more about my profession. In other words: I’m never just ‘horsing around’, but the genuine enjoyment I get from working with horses, guarantees that I always do all my Horsing With a Smile,

The way that leads to your success is more important than the success itself.

– Roos Dyson –

My Resume ( the short version)

Education (graduated):

1991 – 1997: pre-scientific education – secondary school (VWO)
1997 – 2001: Equestrian Sports, Deurne 
2006: Accountancy Certificate (independent study LOI).
2009 – 2010: Akasha Riding Biomechanics certified coach
2019: education for professional teachers at Dressage Pro by Rien van der Schaft 
2019: certified instructor ‘Franklin Method balls for Equestrians’
2021: Sportmassage for horses – Part 1
2022:  admitted to and completed the study ‘Sport Horse Manager’ at Bartels Horse & Health Instituut
2022: selected for and started the education to become a supervisor on Dutch dressage competiotions

Work experience (most relevant)

1997 – 2000: internships at different stables, among which a stud farm, an international show-jumping stable and a showjumping stable in Goch, Germany

2000 – 2001: groom at Den Goubergh Stables, Roosendaal
2001: grooming at national competitions @ Stal de Visser, Woensdrecht
2002: rider of young horses and breeding stallions @ Onestone Farms, Montesano, USA.

2003: riding instructor @ De Capelse Manege, Capelle a/d IJssel

2004: rider of young showjumping horses @ Stakkes Hoeve, Wouwse Plantage
2000 – 2009: part-time self-employed riding instructor (dressage & jumping), riding and starting young horses under saddle.
2011: 2,5 month fulltime employed as groom for Morgan Barbançon at stables of Anky van Grunsven and Sjef Janssen.
2018 – 2019: (several periods of 6 weeks) trainer @ Heilan International Equestrian Center in China

2009–present: self-employed for my private company ‘Horsing With a Smile’.

Competition levels
Jumping: 1,10 meters
Dressage: Prix St. Georges

Watch a video of a freestyle test with my Jazz mare Romy

Topsport is an attitude..

– Roos Dyson –