equi-D’s and WOW saddles

I’m very happy to have a sponsorship deal with WOW Saddles since March 2015, through my coöperation with WOW saddle fitter Kerry Sharp. Not only the WOW Saddle itself is much appreciated, it also is a great pleasure to be working with Kerry.

My vision on riders’ position, seat and balance matches perfectly with Kerry’s philosophy on saddle fitting and horse training. Kerry also knows everything about horse anatomy and biomechanics, which makes his support very valuable when training my own horses.

WOW Saddles are not flocked with wool, but have pockets of air. This allows a perfect adjustment of the saddle to the horse’s back. The WOW saddles are also fully modular: each part can be tuned and/or replaced separately. So Kerry has helped me to compose the perfect saddles for me and my horses, which can always be modified to adapt to any changes in the horse.

In 2015 the sponsorship started with my chestnut mare Romy. At this moment, Romy is retired. I started Romy under saddle myself when she was 4, and Romy and I educated each other to become a dressage horse and rider. As usual, we went through a lot of ups and downs in our development. But before she retired we were competing at Prix St. George level. 

At a certain point, the Wow saddle came into our lives. The first couple weeks, we needed some time to get used to the extra freedom of movement. But then it made a huge change in the development of Romy’s  balance, use of her muscles, development of her topline, the collection, and so the whole conformation and movements changed! 

Thanks to the easy adjustment of WOW saddles, the horse can keep developing itself without any hindrance from the saddle. The saddles can actually ‘grow’ with your horse and the circumstances of your level of training. And I’ve certainly noticed that in Romy’s improvements!

My other horses, Variety (inter 2 dressage level) and Mickey (7 years old) are also under a WOW saddle. The soft air pockets and comfortable fit were both important tools to improve the use of their back muscles .

Especially Variety, who has a long, hollow shaped back, is not the easiest horse to find a good relaxation of het back and a good balance in collection. But in combination with the H-girth, the Wow saddle really helps us to keep improving. 
Mickey is the kind of horse that is uncomplicated to fit a saddle on. But at this age, she is developping her muscles quickly and I wouldn’t know how to adapt to this without a WOW saddle… 
In Dutch we would say “Once you start with a WOW saddle, you will ride in a WOW saddle forever”!

The headquarters of WOW saddles is located in Canterbury, Kent, England.
 More information can be found on the general website of WOW Saddles

Kerry Sharp can be contacted (in English) through his Facebook page or his website: www.wowfitterkerrysharp.com

A gathering with the full English team of WOW Saddles in the WOW stand during Badminton Horse Trials (May 2018).


equiDs zwartwit

Kerry Sharp invented a wonderfull aid. When I tested them, even before they had a name, I called them “magic blocks”. But now, their official name is Equi-D’s”. They are on the market since august 2019 and they have made many riders ánd horses happy ever since. 

You can attach them under any saddle, giving you that little bit of extra support you so desperately need. The blocks influence your leg position on the horse, without forcing you into an unnatural position. They give support to your upper legs, and this support gives you stability and relaxation around the hip joints. This often gives a chain reaction throughout the whole body.

The way you sit is the way your horse moves, so the changes are also clearly visible in the movements of the horse!

They can be attached under (almost) any saddle.

The blocks are fully adjustable, so you can position them exactly where you think you will get the most benefit from them.

Depending on conformation of horse and rider, the effect of the equi-d’s kan vary from just ‘nice’ to ‘life changing’..


This is my own review of the equi-D’s:

I loved them from the first second! It’s not only your hips and legs that relax, but it gives a chain reaction all the way to your upper body and of course to the movement of your horse. My instructor asked me“what happened with your seat??” when she saw me riding with them the first time. So obviously it is not only a much better feeling, but also a big visionable change. I am sure this new invention is going to make many riders and horses all over the world very happy … Thank you so much for this Kerry !!

Without equi-D’s

With the equi-D’s

Without the equi-D’s

With the equi-D’s

Want to try or buy ??

          Please send an email to info@gepaardmeteenlach.nl including your name, addres and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide more information or send the equi-D’s to you. 

       The equi-D’s can be sent by mail.
In the region of Essen (Belgium) and Roosendaal (the Netherlands), the equi-D’s can be picked up after an appointment. Because of the production in England, the delivery time will vary. 

 -> Also check out the Facebook page : Equi-D’s.