equi-D’s en WOW saddles

I’m very happy to have a sponsorship deal with WOW Saddles since March 2015, through my coöperation with WOW saddle fitter Kerry Sharp. Not only the WOW Saddle itself is much appreciated, it also is a great pleasure to be working with Kerry.

My vision on riders’ position, seat and balance matches perfectly with Kerry’s philosophy on saddle fitting and horse training. Kerry also knows everything about horse anatomy and biomechanics, which makes his support very valuable when training my own horses.

WOW Saddles are not flocked with wool, but have pockets of air. This allows a perfect adjustment of the saddle to the horse’s back. The WOW saddles are also fully modular: each part can be tuned and/or replaced separately. So Kerry has helped me to compose the perfect saddles for my horses, which can always be modified to adapt to any changes in the horse.

My Prix St. Georges horse Romy has recently changed in her upper line in a positive way. Kerry responded to this by adjusting the air pockets and even by switching to another tree size. And let’s mention that this upper line improvement was actually possible because the WOW saddle allowed more freedom of movement than my previous saddle.

Thanks to the easy adjustment of WOW saddles, the horse can keep developing itself without any hindrance from the saddle. The saddles can actually ‘grow’ with your horse. And I’ve certainly noticed that in Romy’s improvements lately!

My other horse, Variety (that I own since June 2015), is now also under a WOW saddle. The soft air pockets and comfortable fit were both important tools to improve the use of her back muscles .

The headquarters of WOW saddles is located in Canterbury, Kent, England.
 More information can be found on the general website of WOW Saddles

Kerry Sharp can be contacted (in English) through his Facebook page or his website: www.wowfitterkerrysharp.com

A gathering with the full English team of WOW Saddles in the WOW stand during Badminton Horse Trials (May 2018).