Are you looking for more harmony between you and your horse?

Do you want, regardless of your level or discipline, fewer injuries or discomfort for both you and your horse? Do you want to make amateur riding even more enjoyable? Or perhaps increase your performance in professional competitions? Or are you an instructor who desires physically and mentally healthy horses and happy clients?

Then you should read on! >>

Yes indeed: horse riding ís a sport! 

Having control over your horse starts with control over your own body. We as riders determine if the horse can be a ‘happy athlete’.

With enough awareness and skills about mastering your posture, you can turn your ‘horse riding’ (with hands and legs) into ‘horse guiding’ (with your seat). And when horse riding becomes horse guiding, it becomes much more enjoyable for both rider and horse!"

Do you enjoy riding in the countryside, but want to ensure you do this in a healthy and comfortable way?

Or are you having trouble with your riding technique?

Have you ever thought about the possibility that you are actually the cause of many issues that you assumed were inabilities of your horse? Many riding technique issues are a consequence of the way that you position yourself on your horse. Some examples of this are problems with impulsion, relaxation, submissiveness, accepting the bit, bending and lateral flexion, straightness, and lateral movements. You might lack balance and rhythm in your showjumping course, or speed control in your cross country course. Because the way you sit is the way your horse moves. This is simply a question of biomechanical logic. And I can teach you all about it in my online course  'Rider Biomechanics'...


Every horse deserves a skilled rider

Horses are masters in compensating any troubles we cause them by our imperfect seat, balance or movements. But when they have to compensate, it will always feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable. And over time, this will be harmfull for the health of your horse!

Correct riding lets you achieve much more than you can imagine. So why are there so few riders who truly excel? Let me tell you why on this page. And I will also tell you the solution. Because perhaps you are one of these riders who got stuck at a certain level? Or who has lost their joy in riding? Maybe you suffer from back pain, or from chafing, or maybe you have other complaints during or after riding? Perhaps you have a feeling of insecurety, or even fear, while riding? Or maybe your horse is repeatedly getting injuries or is disbehaving while ridden?

Are you a riding instructor who sometimes finds it difficult to find the right solutions for your students, or to properly answer some of their questions? Do you have your own riding school and wish for your horses that their job is as healthy and pleasant as can be? Along with, of course, satisfied clients?

Or perhaps your riding / teaching is actually going quite smoothly, but you simply want to improve yourself even further.

If you recognise yourself in one of the descriptions above, please read on…

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Let’s suppose you are a horse rider who has set a goal for yourself. Maybe this goal is to be achieved while hacking outside, or perhaps between the white fences of a dressage ring, in a jumping course, or maybe at home in your own training paddock. But however, you yearn for 'more'. And why shouldn’t you?

When you’re yearning for more, something miraculous can happen: you start dreaming. You can see yourself sitting on your horse completely confident and with a beautiful posture, achieving the fulfilling harmony between you and your horse. The two of you have become one, and just your thoughts are now enough to make your horse move, as if it's body belongs to you.

What can you expect when you start to feel more harmony while riding?

  • You feel happy and satisfied because you sense a connection between you and your horse.
  • You achieve better results in competitions. Perhaps you even receive a compliment from the judge, because they enjoyed your performance so much.
  • You and your horse are less tired after a long trail ride or an intensive training session.
  • You get a sense of freedom while riding, easily guiding your horse with subtle aids.
  • Fear and insecurity turn into enjoyment.
  • A "big smile" lights up your face while riding. It is that smile where ‘Horsing with a Smile' got its name from...


You want to make progress while riding. You want to grow. To experience more happiness and harmony with your horse. To better master your exercises, or get to that higher level in show jumping competitions. But so far, all your lessons and training just haven't granted you that ultimate effect...

The worst case is when you are starting to doubt whether your horse is skilled enough. And maybe you also lost confidence in yourself. You think you've tried everything and every teacher, but nothing has brought you the desired success. Perhaps you've even thought about selling your horse because you’ve reached a dead end. Hold off that thought for now, and please keep reading.

You know what does work? Better riding!

This may sound too obvious, but nobody is ‘perfect’ in communicating with their horse through the influence of their seat. Most riders aren't even aware of what they are doing in these respects.

Here are three aspects to focus on from now on:

  • Do you want to guide your horse better while riding? Take care of a proper posture, balance and the right biomechanics of your seat. In this way, you can be sure that you are not impeding your horse in their movement, and allows you to provide the right aids.
  • Often, you're not aware of the (biomechanical) influence you exert with your seat, which means you might direct your horse with your legs or reins, while your seat is 'contradicting' or blocking that command. This happens more often than you might imagine, at all levels!
  • Are you, or your horse, experiencing discomfort or even pain during or after riding? A proper seat and moving in harmony alleviates or solves many of such complaints.

  • One thing is crucial for each of these three points: proper instructions.

    Most instructors, if they pay attention to it at all, provide instructions about your seat to make it look nice. They say things like “shoulders back”, “sit back”, “push down your heels”, “lower your hands”, “keep your hands still”, “sit still', and so on. But these ‘sitting pretty’ instructions often lead to the opposite of a proper ‘horse guiding’ technique. Of course it's nice when your seat looks pretty. But what's more beautiful: a nice-looking but stiff Barbie doll riding an unhappy horse whose movement is constrained? Or a rider who is sitting in harmony and is ‘absorbing’ the horse’s movements in a way that fully liberates the qualities of the horse, thereby making the work just as enjoyable for the horse as for the rider?

    The good news:

    A good posture, balance, and riders movements are skills you can learn. As well as the understanding of what constitutes good biomechanics that influence your horse in the right way. With this insight, you'll know whether an instruction is indeed effective. With proper instructions, you let your seat do the work for you. And for your horse .

    And here’s the thing: this is actually way easier and much more enjoyable than you probably think.

    ” I really thought this was 

    phenomenal. Never before I have experienced so much improvements in such a short period of time. Every rider should follow this course!"

    What would this mean for you?

    What if you would suddenly be able to improve your riding much faster? What would you then be able to achieve? What would you do when anything you want to accomplish, suddenly succeeds much easier?

    Try to imagine that:

    • You can truly communicate well with your horse while riding and enjoy every minute in the saddle.
    • You notice that your horse starts enjoying the training sessions much more. Your horse might even come to you when you approach with the saddle, because they get as much fulfilment from practising as you do.
    • You can offer your horse more confidence because you are guiding him properly – without too much effort or working against your horse.
    • Your horse(s) always coöperate with you, because they understand exactly what you want and are physically free to carry out your will.
    • You experience much more relaxation, patience and self-confidence, because you know you're doing what's right.
    • You can offer your young horse(s) a healthy and well educated basic training, that will benefit both horse and rider(s) for the rest of their lives.
    • You know again and again how to achieve your riding goals because you understand the workings of biomechanics and you apply practical tips that work for you.
    • You no longer have to spend money on those costly bills for the vet, osteopathy and other cures for the physical injuries or issues that your horse keeps suffering of.
    • Your own body feels nice and sound, because you are moving in a healthy way.
    • Your horse can still be active at an older age, because you allowed it to move healthily throughout those many years.
    • Your fears and doubts while riding disappear, because your improved balance boosts your confidence.
    • As an instructor, you can pass on the new knowledge, insights and skills to the riders you are teaching, thereby improving the quality and value of your lessons.
    • And last but not least: that the countless amounts of money and time you invested in your horse(s) are finally paying off.

    The good thing is: all this is within reach if you gain the right insights into biomechanics and use it to your advantage. Because the way you sit, is the way your horse moves!

    Are you getting inspired?

    With the online video course 'Rider Biomechanics' you can improve one of the most important aspects that you must master as a rider: a good posture and balance, that influence your horse in a positive way.

    In the Online Programme Rider Biomechanics we follow one main thread: body awareness and body control of the rider.

    The Online Programme consists of three different parts, which all give you access to theoretic knowledge, educational video's, examples of lessons of 4 riders, insight-enhancing assignment, and mostly: lots of practical exercises both on the ground and on your horse. With all this, you can improve your riding and teaching skills step by step.

    From part 1, you’ll notice that your posture and balance will start working in your advantage. And this programme is definitely not just for beginners. Even experienced riders benefit from optimising their seat and its influence to the very detail. Because it’s exactly these details that make the difference between winning or losing. And between joy or frustration. A small change can make a big difference.

    The course teaches you how you can analyse and improve your own seat. Feeling the subtle details of your horse can be learnt ! And in this respect, your horse is always your best instructor.

    Do you want me to teach you my insights and techniques?

    Start today with the online programme Rider Biomechanics!


    28 years of experience packed in one online education!


    This online course is originated from my live course 'Posture, Balance, and Influence' which I developed in 2010. Since then, hundreds of riders have attended the three lessons of this course. Although I am always open to innovation, this course has remained unchanged over the years simply because the concept still works exceptionally well. It has a logical structure, and after these three classes, riding will never be the same. The four different riders who served as examples in the online course will demonstrate this to you. This approach consistently leads to spectacular improvements. It's why I truly love my work and why I've decided to offer this in an online version as well. This way, I can reach even more riders and, consequently, more horses. It aligns with my motto: 'Every horse deserves a well trained rider.' That includes your horse too!

    By optimizing your seat and movements, you transform the way you influence your horse, resulting in a harmonious partnership. That's when riding becomes Horsing with a Smile.' Sometimes, that smile appears right in the first lesson. But after the third lesson, you'll definitely understand what the above text means. You too will get that smile eventually.That's my promise to you.

    What does the course entail?

    The course consists of three parts. Each part is structured on various components. You will learn how to analyse and improve your seat. What I find most important, is that you don’t just understand how to do it, but also why.
    You can go through the lessons in your own speed, whenever and where-ever it suits you. 

    Just three steps away from life changing insights!

    Lesson 1

    We start with 'theoretical content' to ensure you have enough knowledge and understanding to grasp what you will be doing in practice. Next, you learn how to analyse your riding posture. Afterward, we get to work on improving the 'side view': posture and alignment, muscle and joint use,, following the forward and upward movements, and more.

    Lesson 2

    After we optimised the contact between the rider’s seat and the horse’s back in lesson 1, the rider is better able to feel the horse, and vice versa. This improved feeling can now be used for working on the vertical balance. The focus is thus shifted to the ‘back view’. Here you can think of the sideways movement, various pelvic positions and the influence you can exert through your seat. In this way we can improve your straightness, lateral flexion, turns, lateral movements, etc.

    Lesson 3

    The details from the first two lessons are now mastered. Furthermore, we go through additional exercises to further optimize your communication and riding skills. Examples of this are rein communication, leg aids, conscious use of aids, etc. At the end of this lesson, most horses award their riders with the Rider Biomechanics Certificate, by means of expressing a strong wow!-feeling.

    What you can expect...

    • You develop better insight and skills about posture and seat.
    • You work on the long-term improvement of your riding and teaching skills.
    • Your horse(s) will be happier and healthier. 
    • You learn exactly on what points you must focus to improve your riding.
    • You discover what the difference is between horse riding and horse guiding.
    • You get a fitting step-by-step plan with information and exercises that can help you achieve harmony with your horse.
    • Please realise: After this course, riding (or teaching) will never be the same!

    Start the Rider Biomechanics Online Course today!

    The purchase might be a big expense for you.
    But online learning has its advantages.
    Just calculate the amount it would cost you to do the 44 exercises of this course in live lessons...
    And then you still don't have the written knowledge or the educational videos which you can read or watch as many times as you like.

    Or think of the number of hours of all the people who worked on this course together (over 500 hours!!), to provide this knowledge to you...

    But... Because my mission is that every ridden horse deserves a well-trained rider, I want to spread this knowledge as far as I can.

    Therefore I offer this course for only 

    € 447,- !!!

    If you make the calculations above, then you'll find that € 447,- is huge value for your money...

    If you buy the course, you get a guarantee of two years access PLUS lifelong access; as long as this course exists you can use the link to watch it as much as you like and from any place in the world! 
    Also you get the guarantee of a full refund if you are not satisfied about the content. 

    Knowing all this, what stops you from buying ??? 


    Rider Biomechanics Online Course

    Is this online course suitable for me?

    The online course is suitable for every rider, because (awareness about) a good seat is the basics of all basics. The way you sit is the way your horse moves, and conscious riders make happy and healthy horses. It doesn’t matter if you hack outside, ride once a week on a riding school or are competing at top level in no matter which discipline, this course will always teach you new insights and make you a better rider for your horse(s).

    How long do I have access to the content?

    You will have a guaranteed access to the online course for the period of two years. After this period, you will have access to the course as long as the course exists. So you have lifelong access for the lenght of the life of this course!

    Do I get enough value for my money?

    We give you the guarantee of two years access plus the lifetime of this course.
    When you buy this online course, you can use the link as much as you want and from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.
    Even when you count from the minimum of two years, it means you paid a monthly cost of less then € 18,75 per month. (€ 447,- : 24 months).

    And the most important, priceless things: This course contains life changing knowledge and skills! After completing this course, riding and teaching will give you so much more fulfillment and joy, I promise you that !
    And even in the unlikely event of quitting your equestrian activities, this course will leave you with more body awareness and healthier movement patterns for the rest of your life!

    Can I afford the costs of the online course?

    Please keep in mind that this course is an investment that will save you a lot of costs! The price is comparable with 1-2 months of maintaining your horse. Think of the improvements it will give you to be able to move up to a next competition level faster. And the awareness and skills to get more profit out of all your riding lessons. Or the absence of discomfort in your own body like back pain or riding related injuries, because you learn how to use your body in a healthy way. Think of the frustration because of miscommunication with your horse or even bad behaviour of your horse because of this, that might disappear. Think of one single vet bill that might be saved on, because you learn how to train in a way that your horse profits from training in stead of overasking him. And maybe the most important one of all: think of the joy that you will get from the harmony with your horse(s) that you will find in this course. This one is priceless!

    Do I have a satisfaction guarantee?

    It has never ever happened before, but if you are not satisfied about the content or the results of this course, you can get a full refund of the money you paid for the purchase of this course.

    Within 3 months after your purchase date, you can send a video to us on of you practising one of the exercises of the online course on your horse and the explanation why you are not satisfied. You will receive the refund within one month after sending your email.

    How much time does the course take?

    We recommend to take enough time to practise all the exercises on your horse, before you move up to the next part. When people do the course in live lessons, the quickest possible time is 6 weeks. But because this online course has more information and more exercises, it will probably take more than one week to finish one part. Then you will need 2-6 weeks (depending on how often you ride) to master your new skills in a way that they become part of your riding in a automatic way. When you notice this, then it’s time to move on to the next part. To be sure that you don’t need to rush and you can take as much time as you need or like, you will have access to all the parts of the course for one year.

    What if I have questions about the content of the course?

    If you have a question, you can send an email to We will try to answer your question within 1 week.

    I would like to follow live lessons on the subjects of the course. Is this possible?

    Roos Dyson gives clinics all over the world. You can send an email to if you want to receive more information about organising a clinic with Roos. At this moment Roos doesn’t do online private lessons, but we might offer this possibility in the future.

    Will the content of this course match with the lessons I’m taking from my own instructor?

    If you have a skilled, well educated instructor I dare to say yes. The things you learn in this course are the basics of all basics which you need for everything you do in riding. Sometimes it happens that instructions are contradictionary when teachers are only focussed on sitting ‘picture perfect’, without taking functionality and biomechanics into account. (For example teachers who tell you to sit with your shoulders back and your hands close together.) In this course, you will learn to judge if your teacher is teaching you the right things for healthy biomechanics and happy horses and riders….

    I would like to practise the exercises in this course with my own trainer. Can I do that?

    Yes, we highly encourage this! You can tell or show the exercises and the analysis forms (on your phone or printed) to your trainer and ask him or her to help you. Please don’t share the link of the course to your trainer or to anyone else. If your trainer is interested in a coöperation to become an affiliate of this course, they can contact us by sending an email to

    I’m a professional (competition) rider or trainer, is this course suitable for me?

    Yes! This course will make you an even more skilled rider or trainer. This course contains information and exercises that will not be found in ‘normal’ equestrian literature, educations and lessons. If you have many students and if you are interested in a coöperation to become an affiliate of this course, you can contact us by sending an email to

    I am a riding school teacher, is this course suitable for me?

    Yes! This course will give you loads of inspiration to upgrade your lessons in a way that gives more fun and healthier movement patterns for both your school horses and your pupils. This course contains information and exercises that will not be found in ‘normal’ equestrian literature, educations and lessons. If you have many riding school clients and if you are interested in a coöperation to become an affiliate of this course, you can contact us by sending an email to

    I have problems with my back, is this course suitable for me?

    Many riders suffer from back pain due to a wrong posture and therefore blocking themselves in the movements they need in order to follow the movements of their horse. This is not only uncomfortable or even harmful for the horse, but also in long term very damaging for the rider. In this course, you will learn how to use your body in a sound way. If you are having problems like chronic back pain, hernia’s, scoliose etc. then it is extra important to use your body in a right way. When your not sure, please contact your docter for advise.

    I have a young horse just started under saddle, is this course suitable?

    The exercises in this course exist of ground exercises and ridden exercises. It is nice when you have a horse that knows the basics and is relaxed, so you can focus on yourself. On the other hand, you want to give your young horse the best possible start in using it’s body in a sound manner, and find the best possible communication with it’s rider to gain trust and confidence. Therefore we recommend this course not only for beginner riders, but also this is great knowledge to educate your young horse(s) in the best possible way.

    I am a para rider, is this course suitable for me?

    In this course you will learn how to communicate with your seat, your pelvis being the first and most important physical contact with your horse. If you have (some) control over the area around your pelvis, this course is suitable for you. In this course you will learn to ride with the smallest possible – or even completely without - leg and rein aids.

    What is the minimum or maximum age for this course?

    If you do this course on your own, we recommend a minimum age of 12 years. If you are a parent and want to support your kids, you can start with most of the exercises at the age of plm 6 years old. The maximum age…. Anyone who can ride a horse can do this course, no matter the age. Age is just a number you know. And in Holland we say: “You are never to old to learn.” Another quote I like is this one: “Live every day as if it is your last, but educate yourself as if you live forever”.

    At this point you have 2 options:

    You can keep doing what you have always been doing and see where it leads — with the predictable result that you will stay where you are right now.


    You decide that today, you will make a difference for yourself and your horse(s) once and for all.

    The only thing you need to is to make the firm decision to jump in and click the purchase button.


    It may cost you some time and money, but I promise you that you will not regret it.

    Are you not satisfied with the content or the results?

    In that case, you have three months time to send in a video of you practicing the lessons on your horse and write us the reason of not being satisfied. After this you will get a full refund!

    I dare to make this promise, because I’ve never had to give anyone their money back. But you hereby have my guarantee.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to read my message for you and your horse(s). I hope by now you realise that your horses are worth this course. Because every ridden horse deserves a well trained rider. Yours too.

    And don’t forget:

    Nobody is perfect, but every rider / teacher can do better!