Would you like to help spreading the 'Rider Biomechanics' knowledge?

To reach the most possible riders in all parts of the world, I would like to set up a network of affiliates for the sales of this online course.

Being an affiliate means you help selling someone’s product and getting a payment based on commission in return.

If you are interested in becoming a 'Rider Biomechanics' affiliate, then please read the information below.

The affiliate cooperation will be a win-win-win-win-win situation:

  • 1) You receive a 10 % commission for every person who buys the online course from you.
  • 2) You attach clients to you by offering them a solution for riding problems and riding related health issues (both for horse and rider). Maybe you can even support them while they are doing the online course.
  • 3) The people who do the online course can profit from your support in a live contact way.
  • 4) You can help me sell the online course.
  • 5) And most important: you contribute towards better horse welfare, as rider awareness will grow and therefore health, joy, and harmony will improve.

If you would like to become an affiliate partner, please fill in the form in below!

Thank you very much for your interest in a cooperation regarding my online course ‘Rider Biomechanics’. In the information below, I will explain more about the course and what I can offer you when you become an affiliate (partner).

What can I offer?

When you become an affiliate, you will get a unique discount code which you can give to people who are interested in buying the online course and spread by flyers and social media. The payment system (Plug and Pay) will automatically show how much your code is used. Every month you will receive your commission by bank transfer.

The commission will be 10 % for each course that is bought with your unique discount code. The current price for the course is € 447,-. The discount code will give € 50,- discount, which will make the price for the customer € 397,-. This is the amount you will receive the 10 % commission on, so it will be € 39,70 that you get paid per customer that used your unique code.

What are the extra benefits?

The cooperation is not only about me getting more sales and you getting earnings from the commission. It can also give you more income and client attachment by using your eyes and expertise to help your clients fulfilling the course. When you are a riding instructor, the course can be a nice way to attach your students to you by supporting them while they are doing the (ridden) exercises of the course. And for the riders that are doing the course it can be comfortable to have live support in their learning process. This online course can even be ‘life changing’ for some riders, so they will be very thankful to you when you can offer them this opportunity, even if you just mention the course without giving them live support. Last but not least being an affiliate contributes towards both physical and mental improvements of the horse(s) who are ridden by the people who buy this course…

For who?

If you have an equestrian business or a lot of contacts who are riders, then please feel free to join our network. There will be many equestrian professions who are highly related to ‘Rider Biomechanics’, like saddle fitter, fysiotherapist and osteopath (both human and equine), vet, and of course any kind of riding instructor. But also when there is not such link, as long as you are aware of the importance of improving your seat and your riding skills, you are definitely welcome to become a partner!

About the course: (for the ones who haven’t purchased the course themselves)

This online course is made in English and Dutch. The content of this course originates from my clinic lessons and my live course which I call ‘Posture, balance and how you influence your horse’. I have been giving these lessons for 15 years and hundreds - or maybe even thousands - of riders have experienced the advantages of improving your seat during these lessons. Before I specialised myself in biomechanics at Akasha College, I have been working as a groom, horse vet assistant, rider and instructor full time for many years. The horses brought me to different countries for riding and teaching, and I lived in USA and China for equestrian jobs. I

developed this online course to reach horse riders all over the world. Because in my opinion EVERY ridden horse deserves a well-trained rider.

The course is suitable for riders and instructors of every discipline, every level and all ages.

You can buy the access to the course and from that moment you can read, watch and practise the exercises where you want and when you want at your own speed. The buyer gets life long access, for the duration of the ‘life’ of the course and with a guarantee of two years minimum. But of course we hope that this course will go on for ever…

The course contains a variety of theory, images, educational videos, videos of example lessons, and practical exercises both on the ground and in the saddle.

These ingredients ensure that your knowledge, insights and skills about riders seat and biomechanics will get a huge boost.

If you would like to become an affiliate partner, please fill in the form in below!

Thank you very much for reading this information, and looking forward to a very nice cooperation.

Some Q and A:

  • What is the period of the affiliate agreement?

You can start and end the affiliate agreement at any moment you wish.

  • How do I find buyers?

The best way is offering the online course to people who realise they need it. For example your clients which are having riding problems, whose horses are showing behaviour problems while ridden, riders who got stuck in finding improvement at a certain level, or your clients who are having riding related physical problems of either horse or rider.

There is a saying “People don’t buy your product, they buy the solution for their problem.” So keep that in mind.

Of course, you don’t need to be in trouble to benefit of this course 😊. People who just want to give their riding or training a boost will also be happy with the content of the course.

If people show interest in the course, you can send them the link to the information page, the trailer video and your discount code. When you sign up as an affiliate you will receive all the information you need to inform your potential buyers about the course. You can also show the online course on your website or on your socials, while using your own discount code. Maybe you want to use the discount offer to draw attention to your own business or services. We like creative ideas which give us the win-win situation!

  • Can I give an extra discount to my buyers?

As an affiliate, you are not allowed to deviate from the fixed price of the course, without permission from us (to keep it fair for all affiliates and buyers). Also the payment system doesn’t allow to change the prices individually. If you have a nice idea for a special offer, please contact us and we will see what we can do!

  • If you drop the sales price, does that influence my commission?

Yes, the commission will always be 10 % of the sales price, no matter the amount of the price. It might occur that we will make special deals with a discount in certain periods. We will always keep the right to lower the price of the course temporary of permanently. If this will happen, you will be informed.

  • What if you give a refund to one of my buyers?

A buyer has three months of time to send a video plus motivation if they are not satisfied about the course. If they are not satisfied, they will get a full refund of their purchase money. This has never happened before and is quite unlikely to happy, but if this happens to one of your buyers, we will have to claim your share of the commission. Please realise that this term is also in your advantage, as you will never get blamed by unsatisfied customers and it enlarges the chance of people willing to buy from you.

  • How many courses do I need to sell?

That’s all up to you! If you sell none, don’t worry; no problem. If you sell loads, it’s all online so we’re never sold out ! 😊

  • What if I have any more questions?

Probably many more questions will occur when this all gets started. For me, this is also all new. But please don’t hesitate to contact me, best way to ask your question is by sending an email to roos@gepaardmeteenlach.nl. If it’s urgent, you can send a whatsapp to +31- 6 13567041 (will be checked once a day). I will always do my best to work things out in a way that is satisfying for all of us!

If you would like to become an affiliate partner, please fill in the form in below!

Thank you very much for reading this information, and looking forward to a very nice cooperation.